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High quality BPO Services

​in Myanmar

Lan Thit Masterpiece provides



Lan Thit Masterpiece is established with the partnership of Lan Thit Innovation (provider of Human Resource Services in Myanmar) and Masterpiece Group (providing Business Process Outsourcing services in Asian countries).
We provide contact center outsourcing service in Burmese (Call and Chat) for local companies in rapidly growing Myanmar. We aim to contribute to the development of our customers with 
specialized high quality service from our long experience in many Asian countries.

Company Profile

Company Name:  
   Lan thit Masterpiece limited

Managing Director:

   Hitoshi Kitazawa


   MICT Park, Hlaing University Campus Road, Hlaing Tsp,

   Yangon, Myanmar

   Lan thit innovation LImited  51%

   Masterpiece Group, Inc. 49%


OUR Services


Call Center

The service corresponds to telephone, fax, web, e-mail, and all other channels. We provide high quality service at a low cost, while reducing variable expense rate, utilizing our call centers. Our customers are free from pressures on profits and employment issues associated with fluctuation in sales in on/off seasons while avoiding risks of fixed costs.


Call Center

We provide market research service, expanding customer base, ensuring continuous purchase by customers, and other services by combining telephone, fax, and e-mail channels. In fact, our job-placement advertisement department is achieving high performance by expanding customer base and following up the customers utilizing the call center know-how of our own.


Data Entry

We provide Japanese offshore data entry service provision by experienced staffs and professional data-entry team to ensure the accuracy and quality of data entry and be able to comply with complex data processing.

Data is entered twice by Burmese staff in Myanmar to ensure the accuracy of data entered and final checking conducted by Japanese management to reduce significant amount of operational costs.

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